About Us

Vanessa has worked as a change consultant, facilitator and coach since 1998.  Prior to this she gained a wealth of experience of business and organisations through senior HR roles in the NHS and private sector, which included working at Board level.

Her academic credentials include a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and Fellow membership of the CIPD.  She has qualifications in Transactional Analysis (TA); as a Coach and a Consultant in Organisational TA and studied TA Psychotherapy.

She is a qualified NLP Practitioner and licensed to use the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory (MBTI), the Temple Index of Functional Fluency (TIFF©) and to deliver the Positive Power and Influence Programme (PPI ©).

Vanessa adheres to the ethics and code of conduct given by her professional body (the European Association of Transactional Analysis) and reviews her practice in professional supervision.

Our Team

The Williams Partnership draws upon a network of like-minded independent and experienced consultants.  All have an in-depth understanding of the complexities of human behaviour in the business setting and are highly skilled in the work we do.  Members of the network are engaged according to the needs of the client and each specific assignment.