Teams are the driving force behind performance in any business.  However, effort can be diverted to relationship issues and away from delivering what they are there for.   A lack of collaboration between teams wastes effort due to competing objectives, reworking and politics.

But good teamwork doesn’t always happen naturally.

We work with you in surfacing the issues and defining the outcomes you want and then design a solution.  We would meet members of the team to gain their engagement with the process.

We use a combination of high-impact workshops and coaching to accelerate team performance.  Working on a task together in a safe environment is a great way for a group to start to build trust and provides opportunities to put on the pause button and invite insight and new ways of working or communicating.

Outcomes include: –  

  • new plans or strategy,
  • commitment to actions and agreed consequences should they not be delivered,
  • Improved performance; for example, achieving objectives to time and within budget,
  • a better atmosphere as evidence, for example, lower sickness, turnover or anecdotal comments,
  • improved decision making, team behaviours and ways of working,
  • clarity on roles, responsibilities and accountabilities,
  • a better understanding of one another.


We are particularly good at helping teams to mend relationships which feel broken and enabling them to perform.

We typically continue to work with the whole team after a workshop to ensure the new ways of working and relating become ‘the way we do things around here’ and progress continues to ‘hit the mark’.