Many current issues, business objectives and future challenges can be addressed, at least in part, by developing leaders.  Common sense dictates that for your organisation to grow, your leaders need to grow and adjust their approach.   The world is changing so fast that what worked last quarter or last year (let alone five years ago) may no longer fit.  Leaders need to be equipped to manage themselves and lead others in a complex and constantly changing environment.

Our bespoke ‘White Water’ programme provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, tools and self-understanding that makes up the leadership formula your business needs.

Leaders learn best when what they are learning is highly relevant.  Therefore, each programme is individually designed in the light of conversations with key people from your business and is brought to light with examples, exercises and challenges they face on the job.

The learning needed is structured into three areas:- i) the individual; ii) the team and ii) the organisation.

Management Development

A great manager can make all the difference to team performance and help you retain valuable people.  Many are appointed in management roles because they are good at the ‘doing’ and are not equipped with the skills they need to deal with the ever-increasing demands they face.

We can help you by enabling professional experts transition into people managers and developing your experienced managers.

Our programmes are bespoke to provide the know-how, knowledge and skills your managers need to be great people managers.  Typically, this would include: –

  • Making sense of their role in the wider organisation,
  • Appreciating the impact they have on performance and organisation culture,
  • Developing quality relationships and having the conversations that matter,
  • The know-how to set ‘stretch’ objectives, coach, review performance and identify talent,
  • Understanding of what it takes to build an effective team.