Coaching is an opportunity to be heard at depth so that you can reach ‘unknown thoughts’ about an aspect of your role, the significance this has for you and the solutions and skills you have to address this.  It is also a source of learning by enhancing personal awareness, identifying new options and developing knowledge or behaviours.

We work with those in MD or CEO roles looking to grow their business, lead change or adjust their leadership style in a way that catalyses others to do something differently; such as ‘step up’.

We also coach those in leadership, management and professional roles looking for a helping hand in dealing with a difficulty or with their development.  Typical examples are: –

  • First time directors wanting to understand what it means to be a leader and the impact they have,
  • Managers feelings swamped because they take on the work of others rather than delegate,
  • Individuals who are just about coping and want to become more resilient,
  • Those who find themselves in conflict or conversely avoid conversations,
  • Managers who are not getting the promotion they believe they deserved,
  • Anxiety around an annual review.

As well as working with individuals, we coach teams and whole departments.   We precipitate change within strategic teams that have become dysfunctional or lost their way and work with high functioning teams that want to understand each other better to further raise their performance for what lies ahead.

We keep your context in mind, act with urgency but don’t rush to solutions. Trust is the engine of our work and our approach is joint. We start with understand what you want and how you see things first. We offer other perspectives; our own, a bespoke 360 or a psychometric tool, and THEN work with you towards your objectives.

A typical coaching programme is individually tailored and costed following a complimentary conversation and typically lasts around six months to ensure lasting change.

We work in person, over the phone or by video conferencing through zoom or skype, depending on what best suits the client.